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Enjoy the benefits of Club Marriott Membership with HDFC Infinia Credit Card

Who does not enjoy the finer things in life? I believe if we have the means then apart from wearing the best clothes and...

Is It Possible to Reverse Diabetes?

Young adults in India are adopting an unhealthy lifestyle due to a lack of work-life balance. The consumption of refined carbohydrates, trans-fats, and processed...

5 Easy Ways To Impress An Indian Girl

Girls are mysterious and a unique breed. They are difficult to understand and it requires great efforts to impress them. We all are aware...

Weird Habits of 8 Celebrities Will Make You Feel Strange of Them

Celebrities are like us with just a different personality. No matter how attractive their lives seem to be and how perfect they look, they...

Diseases of the Urinary System And HOW CAN ENERGY HEALING HELP?

Diseases of the Urinary System Infections of the Urinary Tube and BladderKidney – infections, inflammationRegeneration of the KidneysKidney StonesProblem with Urination Controlling Chakra –Meng Mein and...

An Erudite and Fearless Man – “Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury”

When you Google the name “Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury”, you will get the mixed articles about his work; some praises, some haters, some against...

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