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Weird Habits of 8 Celebrities Will Make You Feel Strange of Them

Celebrities are like us with just a different personality. No matter how attractive their lives seem to be and how perfect they look, they too have some habits that they had like to get rid of. And, they always keep this side of their personality hidden from their fans, but some way or the other, the details gets out. You might get shocked by knowing these unusual habits of superstars. So, just have a look below:

1.     Weird Habits of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is 55 years old at present but he doesn’t look like a man in his 50s. He makes every effort possible in maintaining his physique and his skin. The reason behind his glowing skin is that he relies on nightingale poo facials. This facial is known as goofy as it involves mixing poo from a nightingale with rice bran and water which is then applied as a face mask.

Tom Cruise is unrecognisable in latest viral pics. Fans ask if it's  actually him - Movies News

2.      Weird Habits of Megan Fox

There might be some chances that you know about the intensely strange habit of this bombshell. If in case you don’t know then be prepared to be outraged. Megan herself accepted to the fact that she doesn’t flush the toilet after she poops which is gross, to say the very least.

Weird habits of celebrities that will shock you!- The Etimes Photogallery  Page 2

3.      Weird Habits of Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is immensely ardent about collecting the star figurines. That isn’t even the strange part. Allegedly, he owns dozens of defined edition Barbie dolls. He has got the dolls established on Beyoncé, Lindsay Lohan and even the High School Musical cast.

How Johnny Depp Spends His Money: His 'Extravagant and Extreme' Habits

4.      Weird Habits of Sunny Leone

When she was shooting for the film ‘Jism 2′, she induce delay in shoots for a large number of times. Can you imagine of the reason? Sunny is a cleanliness freak of sorts, specifically when it comes to her feet. She used to clean her feet with water in almost every 15 minutes that has irritated everybody on set.

5.      Weird Habits of Shah Rukh Khan

SRK has a delusion with jeans and footwear. He owns somewhat around 1500 pairs of jeans. And for footwear, he disclosed in an interview that he removes his shoes only once a day and even sleeps sometimes with his shoes on.

6.      Kareena Kapoor‘s Weird Habits

Sushmita Sen, or we can say the former Miss Universe shocked everyone with a fact that she disclosed. She stated that she likes to take a bath on her terrace and that’s the place where she has placed her bath tub.

7.      Weird Habits of Amitabh Bachchan

You will be surprised by knowing that Big B is often freckled wearing two wristwatches in his hand. This habit, started a long time back, when Abhishek Bachchan was studying abroad and Amitabh Bachchan wanted to keep track of the other time-zone. He also wears two wrist watches when his daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is traveling to abroad.

8.      Weird Habits of Manisha Koirala

It is quite surprising that she has removed the door to the bathroom in her room as it serves her a “bohemian feel”. This decision of her certainly led to a big problem and that is she explained that whenever a guest has to use the bathroom, the room has to be locked.

Manisha Koirala shared the post on social media and narrated the story of  battle with cancer, see painful pictures - Edules

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