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Live Heed Travel Guide: Where is Moonland? How to go to Moonland?

In modern times, people are trying to make their home on the moon. For this, some people have also bought land on the moon. However, it is illegal to buy and sell land in space. For this, a law was enacted in 1967, which ultimately banned buying and selling land on the moon and stars.

The agreement was signed and agreed upon by 104 countries, including India. At present, it is tough to establish a shelter on the moon. In such a situation, people make the land of the moon only in their name.

 However, people who want to take a walk on the moon need not be disappointed, because there is such a place in India where you can visit the moon.

 This place is known by the name of Moonland the whole world. If you are fond of walking and want to take a walk on the moon, you can go to Moonland. 

In detail about Moonland – where Moonland is located?, this place is located in India’s Kashmir, and it is just 127 kilometers from Leh. 

The place is named Lamayuru village. People from all over the world come to visit Lamayuru village. Especially for Moonland’s Didar. In Hindi, it is called the land of the moon. The town is situated at an elevation of 3,510 meters. What is typical? It is said that earlier, this place had a lake which later dried up.’ 

There is also a monastery in Lamayuru village, which is the center of attraction. In contrast, the yellow-white soil of the lake looks exactly like the moon land. On the full moon night, when the moon’s light falls on it, the earth starts to shine and appear like the moon.

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