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Unlock 2.0 Implemented in India from June 30! Air Travel May Start for Certain Countries

The Central government is going for Unlock 2.0 around June 30. Under Unlock 2.0, the government is permitting the air travel on selected international routes.

The sources said International trips on the New Delhi-New York, Mumbai-New York courses are going to be permitted to continue in Unlock 2.0. 

Other than this, private transporters could begin tasks to the Gulf countries, the Live Heed sources said. 

 Live Heed Asked about decisions on opening up Some information about choices on the opening up of educational institutions and metro train services. The sources said the central government is probably not going to give rules to open them because the states “have all the signs of being unwilling” on opening them. 

On June 18, in his virtual meeting with chief ministers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced they should now start considering Unlock 2.0 but, at the same time, also ensure the spread of coronavirus infection decreased.

PM Modi underlined the need to “fight rumors of lockdown,” calling attention to that the country is currently in the “period of UNLOCKING.” 

“We have to consider now stage 2 of Unlock and how to limit all possibilities of damage to our people,” he said. 

PM Modi noticed that with reduced limitations, pointers of financial execution are giving indications of recovery. The expansion has been observed and requested that states find a way to support infrastructure and development related exercises.

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