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The Ministry of AYUSH Stopped Patanjali’s Covid-19 Medicine & Asked for Evidence of Patanjali’s Claim.

The whole world is troubled by the outbreak of CoronavirusCoronavirus. No specific vaccine or medicine has yet been developed to treat it. On Tuesday morning, Patanjali Ayurved Chief and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev launched an Ayurvedic herb called Coronil to protect against Coronavirus, claiming that it was curing corona patients. 

As soon as he announced this, there was a wave of happiness in the country. But this joy lasted till evening, and the Ministry of AYUSH asked Patanjali to stop promoting the drug. Along with this, research details have also been sought. 

In the case of studying Patanjali’s corona tablet from Patanjali, the AYUSH Ministry has said that it has no information about the scientific research regarding this drug. 

Not only this, but the Ministry of AYUSH has also asked Patanjali Ayurved Limited to share all the information, including composition, research study, and sample size of Covid’s medicine. The Ministry has requested Baba Ramdev’s company to provide complete information about the drug. 

 At the same time, Uttarakhand has asked for information about the license of this Ayurvedic medicine, etc.

The Ministry of AYUSH said in its statement, ‘Patanjali Ayurved Limited Limited got information from the media about medicines prepared for the treatment of Kovid 19 from Haridwar. The Ministry has no information about the study and details of the scientific claims related to the drug.

Corona is not a common disease, and it is an entirely new virus. Scientists from all over the country are involved in making its medicine and vaccine. The company has to get permission from the Ministry to make medicines for the corona epidemic. No company can go to the market and claim that it is a corona drug. The government permits companies for any new vaccine or medicine. Only then can that company make that medicine.

Ministry Prohibited

The Ministry has asked the Patanjali Group not to sell the drug till the claim is examined, along with a copy of the approval of the product that has been requested from the concerned licensing authority of the Government of Uttarakhand. 

 Baba Ramdev launched a medicine named Coronil on Tuesday, challenging to have created Ayurvedic Medicine of Corona. Through this medicine, patients of Corona Medicine have been claimed to be cured.

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