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Lockdown 4.0: Central Government Released New Guidelines, Need To Know!

Lockdown 4.0 New Guidelines: The lockdown issued in the wake of Covid-19 across the country has been extended till 31 May. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines for Lockdown 4.0. The fourth phase of nationwide lockdown due to Coronavirus will start from Monday and people will get more concession and flexibility. All types of domestic and international flights will be closed in the country. Although domestic medical services, domestic air ambulances will remain exempt.

There will be a ban on these works – The ban on

Metro rail services will continue. Schools, colleges, all types of educational institutions will remain closed. There is no restriction on online studies.

Hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, bars and auditoriums will remain closed.

Sports complex will be opened but viewers will not be allowed to go in it.

All social, political, sports, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious events will be completely banned.

All public religious places will remain closed. Religious meetings will be completely banned

Strictness will remain in the Containment Zone, only shops of essential goods will be opened here and only essential goods can be called through e-commerce.

These activities will start in other places except for the Containment Zone –

1. Interstate travel by passenger trains and buses. However, it will also be necessary to allow the states.

2. Traffic of states and union territories started inside the state.

3. Activities under the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) prescribed for the activities of the people.

The states will decide the zones will

Be divided on the basis of red, green and orange and containment zones on the basis of cases of coronavirus. This decision will be taken by the state governments and the administration of the centrally administered state. All these decisions will be made on the basis of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

In the Red and Orange zones, the district administration will determine the containment and buffer zones.

All necessary works will be allowed in the Containment Zone. There will be a complete ban on the movement of people, only medical emergencies and transportation of essential goods will be approved.

Containment will contact tracing large-scale Zone, home visiting will be investigated were distributed on the basis of zone area

In the third phase of Lockdown (Lockdown 3.0), according to the coronavirus case, parts of the country were divided on the basis of green, orange and red zones. In these, where there was not a single case in the previous days, they were kept in the green zone. In the Red Zone, the areas decided according to the high infection rate and doubling speed were kept. The districts which were kept in neither red nor green zone were all included under the Orange zone. This classification will continue in this way.

The most sensitive areas of the country to spread the corona virus infection are called containment zones. They fall in the Red and Orange zones. In these areas the risk of spreading the infection is highest.

This work was allowed in the Green Zone.

In the third phase of the lockdown, there was a strict ban on movement from 7 am to 7 am for all except those providing essential services in all the zones.

All works were allowed in the Green Zone, except for those things on which a complete ban is applicable throughout the country. Here the buses are operating with seating capacity up to 50% and bus depots are running at 50% capacity. There are also cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, bars including school-colleges. Apart from this, transportation to other states is also closed.

In addition to all the permissions granted in the Orange Zone to the Red Zone, taxi and cab companies were allowed to work with only 1 driver and 2 passengers.

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