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Keep These Things In Mind During The Train Journey In Lockdown.

Indian Railways has started service amid the Coronavirus epidemic. At this time, rail service has been launched for select cities only. Trains are going from Delhi, the capital of the country, to the capital of a few states. During this period, travelers will have to follow the new guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs

By the way, the journey in lockdown will not be the same. You have to take care of many special things during this journey. If you are not aware of these things, let us know what you have to take care of besides the new guidelines-

Always wear a mask during travel. You can also wear gloves. You must carry at least 2-4 masks with you for the journey. Do not wear a mask for more than 4 hours.

Keep a hand sanitizer with you. However, you will be given a sanitizer from the railway side. Despite this, keep your hand sanitizing with you.

Carry sheets and blankets with you for the journey. No sheets and blankets will be given from the railway side.

Carry home-made snacks and canned items to eat. Along with this, take other food and drink to eat on the train, if the journey is long.

Do not catch any unknown things after entering the train. If passed by mistake, wash hands or sanitize. Sanitize your seat too

Main social distancing in travel. Keep two yards away from your partner. Talk with someone only while maintaining a distance of two yards.

Advise your colleague passenger to do social distancing and do not sit in any other seat except your seat.

Many people have the habit of standing by holding doors in the moving rail. Avoid doing this because dozens of people are inside and outside locking doors, which increases the risk of infection.

Whenever you buy drinking water, wash it thoroughly before using it. Then use. If possible, sanitize your hands in 1 hour.

Do not touch your face, nose, and mouth during the journey. Avoid doing this. Do not share food with anyone at all.

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