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How Facial Identification Science is Working in Real Life?

Facial recognition system:

It is a science of corresponding mortal face from a computerized image or a video frame against a database of faces engaged to the accurate user over ID verification services.

This is computer technology but nowadays, this is used in smartphones and other scientific technologies. It is initially used in the 1960s by Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Wolf, and Charles Bisson to the detection of a human face. And in 2001 Real-time face discovery video footage became possible by Paul Viola and Michael Jones. And By 2015 The Viola-Jones algorithm had been put into action by using a small low power detector on handheld device embedded systems. For more info

A facial Detection mechanism used and Mother saw his dying son

U.K: South Wales, in the summer of 2019, police dragged a man from the river and there was no Identity found of the dead man. Everyone has a race to identify him. Then trail a new scientific technique has used to analyze him, within 10 minutes.  After that, his mother finds out and she came to the hospital, to say goodbye to her son.

The man accuses of this process, his name is Ch Insp Lloyd. The description successfully challenged in court, which scans the faces in-crowd.

Work of Facial Recognition Technology

The software takes an investigation image caught by CCTV or mobile phone and matches it with biometric data.

Ch Insp Lloyd said,” The technology gets you so far, it assist but then the human operator was really skilled and well trained”.

The police are well-informed lawful and moral use of this technology. The court said further work was needed to ensure the algorithms used in the existing set did not contain a gender or cultural unfairness. Tighter parameters were also needed. Read in detail:

Procedures of Facial Identification Technology:

  • Traditional
  • Human Identification at a Distance
  • 3 Dimensional recognition
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Traditional technology: This is using various algorithms and find out information by the image of a particular image, for instance, the algorithm considers the size and shape of the eyes, nose, cheekbone, and other facial parts. And the algorithms like Principal component analysis, the hidden Markov model, and dynamic link matching.
  • Human Identification at a distance: It is put into action on human identification at a distance low-resolution image using face hallucination. Such as for CCTV. It identifies the small image from a distant place and recognizes facial features.
  • 3 Dimensional recognition: This method is used 3d sensors and plots the image. The benefit of this practice is, it is not influenced by lighting like other techniques. Scientist uses metric geometry such as isometric.
  • Thermal cameras: In this technique, the camera only catches the shape of the head and it will take no notice of the other accessories like glasses hats, etc. This is also working at night time and dim light. In 2018 U.S army were used this thermal camera for army work.

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