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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Apple group restructured its protection channel to emphasize the upcoming changes with its M1 Chips

Apple updated its security rule book to draw attention to the changes has made and implemented on its products like iPhone, iPad, & Mac. The modernized manuscript is the biggest one till now because it has around 200 pages. This is a procedural guide; it includes the element features of the defense devices of apple and data of all stages.

The security guide of Apple has updated after 10 months. It includes ios 14.3, iPadOS 14.3, macOS Big Sur 11.3, tvOS 14.3, and watchOS 7.2. It has 11 new topics; it includes security features for MAC customers by its local silicon called the Apple M1.

Apple M1 is Central Processing Unit:

  • Apple inc. produced ARM-based CPU on a chip for Macintosh computers. 
  • This is launched on 10 November 2020
  • Its common manufacturer is TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.) 
  • And the production code is APL1102.
  • It gives the maximum performance for CPU clock rate is 3.2 GHz. Its application areas are Desktop (Mac mini) and notebook ( Macbookfamily). 
  • It includes around 16 billion transistors. 
  • For more info

Modernized security features provide a secure boot process on new apple machines. A security researcher Patrick Wardle said that the Apple M1 Mac machines are not fully secured too. And it will also fix by some future updates.

Apple’s safety renovative instruction book of 2021

Apple has announced a security book in detail and it describes features in detail of apple related products. It will help to organization with security feature and meet the security needs.

The new topics which are added to security book:

·         Memory Safe iBoot implementation.

·         Boot process for a Mac with apple silicon

·         Boot modes for a Mac with apple silicon

·         Startup disk security policy control for a Mac with Apple silicon

·         Local policy signing key creation and management

·         Contents of a Local policy file for a Mac with Apple silicon

·         Signed system volume security in  MacOS

·         Apple Security Research Device

·         Password Monitoring

·         IPv6 security

·         Car keys security in iOS.

Some features has modified

·         Secure Enclave

·         Hardware microphone disconnect

·         RecoveryOS and diagnostics environment for an Intel-based Mac

·         Direct memory access protections for Mac computers

·         Kernel extension in macOS

·         System integrity protection

·         System security for watchOS

·         Managing File Vault in MacOS

·         App access to save passwords

·         Password security recommendations

·         Apple cash security in iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS

·         Secure business chat using the message app

·         Wifi privacy

·         Activation Lock security

·         Apple Configurator 2 security.

For the complete updated guidelines you can read in details:

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