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Matter-of-fact of Monogamy in Today’s World, is it Fact or Fiction?

Monogamy is a form of binary relationship and they remain with only one partner during their entire life. This concept is also followed by some animals. They are also having a mate at one time. Monogamy developed by Greek is made of two words- Mono & Gamos, Mono means “alone” and Gamos means “Marriage”.

In our society, most people believe in Monogamy relationships throughout life.

Jargons of Monogamy

Monogamy is divided into many categories:

· Marital Monogamy: This is monogamy between two people when two people marry with each other called marital Monogamy. This is further divided into two parts:

Classical Monogamy & Serial Monogamy

  •   Classical Monogamy is a solo connection between people, who marry as a virgin and make sexual relationships for a whole life.
  •  Serial Monogamy is a marriage with one person at a time.

· Social Monogamy:  In this two partners are living mutually, making physical bond and manage with same vital desires like food, home, etc.

· Sexual Monogamy: Two partners keep a physical relationship without any outside relationship.

· Genetic Monogamy: This is the relationship between two partners with some genetic proofs.

Is monogamy a ritual or it is Ordinary?For several couples, Monogamy is natural. They love each other and they want to stay with their partner till death. They do not believe in so many relationships. But you know every person has a different point of view, so some do not want monogamy, but due to society, they have to live under monogamy conditions. Somewhere it is a trend; people just show off that they are living in monogamy terminology.

In some places monogamy is a formal procedure, they have not no other choice. Some couples are not happy with each other, but due to custom, they have to still live. This is also genetic, in some spouses, these qualities come with their genes. Read in Detail:

Other species also follow Monogamy

Apart from humans, some animals and birds also follow Monogamy. They live with each other for the whole life. They follow Monogamy, they make pairs to work in concert and defend themselves from others. And 90% of Birds are also Monogamy. 

Some Monogamy animals are:

· Seahorse

· Gray wolf

· Eagle

· Gibbon

· Barn Owl

Significant of Monogamy:

Loyalty, Love, Life all are words until your action gives them power. If you give respect and love to your partner, he will not cheat on you and be loyal till the end, automatically your relationship will be monogamous. Your relationship will be better with time and trust, be Monogamy and make your relationship perfect. Another reason is, if you will be thinking for another partner, he/she may also be not perfect for you, then you may feel regret. So be monogamous and be happy.

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