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If You Are Not Getting SMS Of Bank OTP, Then The Issue Is Not Your Network.

As you know that tweets of OTP SMS are not coming on the internet, then the real offender may come out by the latest spam protection method, which is Distributed Ledger Technology. It has smashed many banking SMS facilities.

Most of the customers have complained that they are not receiving SMS of OTPs on their cell phones. The problem is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). And its focus on removing SMS spamming. Most of the banks and other payment app’s OTPs should become back to them regularly as soon as possible.

Some of us are worried that they are not receiving SMSs of the OPTs. In case if you are also not getting SMSs of OTP on your cell phones, then do not worry. You are not the only one, who is not getting an SMS inbox. From the past two days, OTPs are not coming’s complaints have waved on the internet and it is assuming like an uproar in public. Some customers are thinking that it may be online payment downtime of our daily life. But the actual reason behind this is not your network problem or any online payment downtime. But it is the currently anti-spam technology, that is implementing to restrict the spam of telemarketers on their paths.

Some of the complaints have disclosed that many of the customers have faced problems in receiving messages of OTPs from Sunday night, March 7. The actual fact behind this is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). This is India’s new Blockchain technology is starting to remove spams and scams, which are happening in India today.

DLT service has constrained to the banks and other online payment apps and facilities to follow the new message service pattern for the entitled automated message service. This new format will also be scanned by the telecom operators for observance with the suggested pattern. And all the banking and financial services will require to put on authorization before they can activate their largeness messaging service.

This report said that it may have smashed OTP services broadly. Apart from this, the burden on the banks as well who are also have missed the set time limit for DLT completion, and now they are fighting to receive their bulkiness message service backside digitally. These are the tools to expect to find out scammers from using bulkiness message service to point out to unbelievable customers. This has also guided to a well-documented increase in the number of identity scams in India.

At present, the OTP services of the banks and the online payment apps should be digital again. Although customers have continued to complain across all the banks and online services are brought back to online. Unless then, customers have to recommended to use the OTP service without they cannot make payment online, are barred in India.

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