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Are Tarot Cards Dangerous or Beneficial? How to shuffle tarot cards?

Tarot Card Reading : By using tarot card reading, you can just around the corner into your present, past, and future by drawing it. This is a kind of Cartomancy and this includes 78 cards in a deck. Tarot cards are divided into two groups called the major arcana and minor arcana. 

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The Major Arcana: we can also know its trump cards. It includes 22 cards and the numbers given as from 0-21. 

The Minor Arcana: This is also known as lesser arcana. These are the suit cards in a tarot deck. It includes 56 cards. 

The original purpose of Tarot cards is to playing games, and it is into various varieties like:

  • Italian-suited tarot decks
  • Italo-Portuguese-suited tarot deck
  • French-suited tarot decks
  • German-suited tarot decks 

Uses of Tarot Cards:

 The uses of Tarot cards into two ways, Trumps and Personal Use. This is generally used in combination with the reading of the Hermetic Qabalah. And this is the deck of playing cards and it also gives us guidance.

  • Trumps
  • Personal Use
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Trumps:  This is the assessment of the organization and names of the major trumps up to and together with the Rider-Waite-Smith and Crowley decks. 

Personal Use: This helps a person from personal growth and guidance of spirit. Some experts are believed that it helps us to walk around the religious path.  The people who believe in Tarot cards, use it for their personal, economic, and other problems. An expert uses these cards for personal use and some believe these cards answer their problems themselves.

Process of using Tarot cards

  • Open the Tarot card deck box.
  • Hold the cards with a breath and ask your guide what you want to ask.
  • During the hold, these cards spread some positive energy by tap these cards.
  • Then shuffle the cards completely.
  • Divide these cards into three parts and then again make them together it.
  • Then these cards are ready to read.
  • Spread it on a table.
  • Choose one card from the spreader cards.
  • And then consult with your expert.
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Some incredible benefits of Tarot Cards

  • This provides clarity about your life and you better understand the perspective of your life. So it helps to enhance your knowledge about your life and understand it.
  • This also helps to focus on our life where we have to need improvement. So Tarot card reading is a nice idea about focus on improvement areas in your life.
  • This also spread peace around you. You release positive energy during Tarot card reading, it will remove negative energy and provide peace around you.
  • This also helps you to make decisions in your life. It helps you to take decisions by pick cards.
  • If you will feel the positive energy around you and make good decisions so it will help you to improve your life.
  • You can also improve your relationships with the help of Tarot card reading.
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