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Do Yoga At Home To Stay Fit During Lockdown

Most of the citizens are at home to prevent corona infection. Although health awareness is felt into it, health awareness should be shown through action while staying at home.

Yoga needs to be done to boost the immune system and stay fit overall. In that sense, everyone needs to do yoga. You can stay healthy by starting this type of lockdown yoga anytime. 

You can stay fit by starting this type of lockdown yoga anytime. We all know the current precarious situation. Because of this lockdown, everyone is sitting at home. 

Someone is trying to make food at home; someone is rehearsing a song; someone is practicing dance. Everyone is trying to figure out how to be happy, how to be creative in doing something. 

However, on the other hand, many have stopped going out of the house, outdoors, jogging, exercising in the open gym, some take yoga classes, and some go to the gym. 

Some people cycle for exercise or climb the Pandavalene-Chamber Lena. But it is currently closed. Many people because the training is off. They are complaining that we are just gaining weight while sitting at home. There this complaint required. Pregnant women should take special care while doing this, 

There is a fact, but there is nothing you can’t do because you can’t go out, but you can do yoga sitting at home. There are many types of yoga asanas. Pranayama, the sun salutation is common. But there are different types, especially for diabetics, rheumatism, pregnant women, asthma, back pain. Currently, people who work from home can do yoga even while sitting on a chair.

Every person’s body flexibility is different. But after a while, this flexibility increases. Usually yoga for forty minutes and pranayama for fifteen to twenty minutes. They should avoid Kapalbhati Pranayama. Anulom Vilom is perfect for pranayama. 

Now in summer, if possible, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right nose. It is more beneficial to set three at least ten times. Yoga has a very positive effect on our body and mind. Due to meditation and doing pranayama also boosts your immune system. 

You can’t go to class to learn yoga, but nowadays, the age of online has come, and there are many such YouTube channels. Taking advantage of this, we can use this time to our advantage. Of course, doing so in a single day can be dangerous. So gradually increase your yoga practice by doing yoga. , stay calm, be happy, stay at home, and be satisfied!

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