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Covid19 pandemic has changed the way we have lived our lives so far. Last one year has been nothing like we have ever dreamed this world would be! Our work has suffered, our social life has suffered, and so has our health. Lock downs have been enforced by the government to break the cycle of infections.

But this has had a deleterious effect on our physical and mental well-being. Morning jogs, gym sessions and trekking have all become like a distant dream. A well known spine surgeon in Noida Dr Vishal Nigam is suggesting some important facts to keep your spine healthy.

Lack of exercise has brought forth neck and back pains, increased further in severity due to mental anxieties for this uncertain future. 

While the end does not appear any time soon, with us having one wave after another, we should try to preserve our sanity for a time when things will be good again. Surely we cannot lose faith, human kind has overcome great difficulties to reach this stage, and we shall do that once again! Is there something we should do to keep ourselves going so we are ready when good times are back?

That involves working and exercising, with precautions. It has been amply proved corona virus is airborne, and masks are our best defense. Vaccinations are also helping us become more adventurous.

Start your day with a walk or jog. Good exercise means strenuous enough to increase heart rate and breathing rate. Masks are often less tolerated in this breathless state, hence early morning when less people are around is better time.

Better is use an area inside your home or flat to run or walk back and forth, nonstop till you get breathless. This is as effective, and no worry of covid infection when in house. Some weights are very useful when kept in house. After a cardio session, 5-10 minutes of weight training within the house tones up the muscles.

Meditation and breathing exercises after this can be done to exercise the brain and lungs!

After this, work becomes essential and many of us need to move out into the community to earn our living. Masks are the only sure way to protect from infection when out for work. A well-fitting mask is needed, with least fiddle to its placement during the day. 

It is safest to take it out either when back at home or alone in a room, or in an open area. This way we can keep ourselves safe as well as healthy till good times are back!

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