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America VS China: Chinese PM’s Warning to the US Amid Stress on Coronavirus, Damage to the World

Tensions continue between China and the US over Beijing Coronavirus. Meanwhile, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang has said that the two countries should sort out their disagreements and respect each other’s ‘main interests.’ He warned the Trump administration that the effort to derail both the big economies would not harm anyone and harm the entire world.

The Prime Minister said that it is necessary to have a clear idea on the source of the deadly virus as he supports efforts to detect it based on science. Trade, the origin of the Coronavirus epidemic, China’s action over the new security law in Hong Kong, and China’s aggressive military attitude in the disputed South China Sea have led to America’s struggle with China.

Trump had warned

At the end of China’s parliament session, Li responded to questions about the growing tension between Washington and Beijing. Indeed, US President Donald Trump had warned that he would break ties between the world’s two big economies. Lee is the second leader in the ruling Communist Party in China after President Xi Chinfing. Li said, “It is true that at present, there have been new problems and challenges in relations between China and America.”

The loss of the whole world

He acknowledged that the relationship between the two top economies is going through a difficult period. He said, “It is in the interest of the people of both countries and the whole world to fix relations between China and America.” Lee said, “Our economic business has come a long way and has greatly benefited both sides.” 

He said that the two economies are linked to each other. On warning of a cold war-like situation between the two countries and derailing the economy, Lee said, “We have abandoned the Cold War mindset and breaking ties between the two big economies will not favor any side and the whole world will suffer. ‘

Leave its decisions on the market.

Referring to the public investment by American companies in China, he said that such decisions should be left to the market and business. The government should not interfere with this. He said that there could be differences between the two countries, given the social system and historical background. He said, ‘This is a significant bilateral relationship. Both countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council. In many areas, the two countries can and should work with each other.

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