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Women Safety is Under Serious Concerns; A Big Change Required

India, a land where people worship gods and goddesses and consider women to be the supreme power. Being a country of various diversities, where the culture and language changes every 3 kilometers, but worshipping women is consistent. Being the land of vedas and puranas, where Gita is the holy book and Mahabharta was fought because of disrespecting Draupadi, women are not feeling safe in this century. Women are treated like tissues. They are being teased, slaughtered, violated, and even raped. According to various reports by women cells, Rape culture in India is increasing per hour. Every hour a women is raped in some corner of this country. They are abused, oppressed by these vigilants who even not consider their life to be worthy and torcher them. Women are not only raped but even blackmailed at their work place, marital rapes are too common in India.

Indian society is continuously confronted by these acts by news and media, which even blobs the blood out their veins but due to various actions by some vultures, people sit back and enjoy the movie. These vultures continue to do this depravity without any shame and which in turn becomes a loop hole in this democracy. Serious changes are required in the mindsets of people and not only this, but the constitution also need serious revisions which signify various strict rules for this heinous crime. Lawmakers do not mark the need to discuss about the women friendly protocols just to defy this crime. Various parliamentary who are considered as the face of the country’s law and order, they are just worried about the power and much about their pockets to get equipped with wealth. They consider it as a mocking crime which can be considered as a major aspect of their vote bank. Creating various fake promises under this aspect can get them votes and enjoying the supreme power is only the thing left with Indian Democracy.

Women crime need to be stopped with a barking brake because every species on this earth has a full right to live with all the powers and freedom they possess. Men need to learn the new law of nature, which define that women are always a step above men as they are meant to shine and rule. They can never disrespect this community and they should consider every women to be  another species like them. Crimes can only be demolished when the mindsets are upgraded with lots of logic and much of emotional side towards love and empathy.  Women also need to understand their existence and also support their community by fighting with this issue with a lot of grace and dignity. We, the citizens of this democracy have not used our rights so far, but can use them to combat this serious issue which not only make every women strong but safe from every virus that is troubling them. We should pledge to make this country a heaven where all women are respected and loved without any conditions.

Swach Bharat, Sashakth Bharat

Muskaan Hooda
Muskaan Hoodahttps://liveheed.com
I am Muskaan Hooda. I study at Amity University Manesar. I am pursuing BA English Hons. I love to read books and writing down my thoughts which inspires me to write on various topics. Listening to retro music realxes my soul.

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