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Sonia Gandhi Asks For A New Chief And Resigned As Congress President

In the Congress Working Committee ( CWC) meeting, Sonia Gandhi said that she wouldn’t like to proceed in the post of Congress. President and the procedure ought to be started to choose another president. In her discourse, Sonia Gandhi said that the norm is changing with China. However, PM Modi isn’t focusing on it. After this, the previous leader, Dr. Manmohan Singh, spoke to Sonia Gandhi that she should assume liability for the whole meeting of this Congress Working Committee.

The previous PM has additionally condemned those leaders who have composed letters. He said that this letter is deplorable. As per the news, he stated, to do the central leadership, in a way debilitate the Congress’. After Manmohan Singh, presently the following senior gathering leaders, AK Antony Has also communicated his opinion. Altogether, the gathering was all the while recovering from the Rajasthan case that 23 senior leaders composed a letter to President Sonia Gandhi requesting the change.

Live Heed  sources say that Sonia Gandhi had also given assurances to consider this letter, but it was leaked in the media before that. This whole incident is also seen as a ‘coup.’ Many questions about which are also under discussion.

Another information came out of the sources, indicating that solitary two Congress leaders take part in this entire scene. His residency in Rajya Sabha was concluding, and he was concerned that the gathering probably wouldn’t open the way of Rajya Sabha once more. Coincidentally, Congress doesn’t have the quantity left.

 Given this, these two heads had additionally conversed with a gathering in Maharashtra, and to make pressure on the central leadership, both have put forth a defense of ‘letter bomb.’ simultaneously, one more thing is coming out that one purpose for this is Rahul Gandhi can cause somebody to sit on the post of President as indicated by his mind.

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