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#चमार_रेजिमेंट_हक़_है_हमारा: Chamar Regiment in India, Peoples Are Tweeting

#चमार_रेजिमेंट_हक़_है_हमारा this hashtag is trending from 2 days so LiveHeed decided to write on this point. Chamar Regiment founded in 1943 during World War II. After world war 2 this regiment became the part of  23rd Indian Infantry Division. Later in 1946 due to the undisciplined behavior led to its disbanding by the British government. Since then, it’s of the Indian Infantry Division.

शिल्पा अंबेडकर @TufaniShilpa shared a tweet and it’s becoming top tweet for this hashtag.

Manyone are supporting “Sikh Light Regiment, Maratha Light Regiment, J&K Light Regiment and Bombay Engineers these all regiments are for SCs.. Light word is used for lower caste, Where Sikh Regiment, Raj Rif, Jaat Regt, Punjab Regt and Bengal Engrs are for upper caste people.”

Here are some more top tweets for the same.

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