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Violence in America Getting Wild; 17,000 Security Force Spread Out On The Streets #BlackLivesMatter #DonaldTrump

Violence in the United States of America has not stopped since last week. Black citizen George Floyd It’s brutal killing by the police has started a big agitation. The arson, the looting has begun. As the situation gets out of hand.

President Donald Trump has had to deploy 17,000 troops in 24 states. Floyd’s death toll now reaches 140 cities. This is the biggest incident of unrest in the last few decades.

On this, the White House said that violence, looting, chaos and disorder cannot be tolerated. 

White House Media Secretary Kelly McNaney said the president said what he sees on the streets is not acceptable. This is a criminal act. There is no movement, no freedom of expression. 

This attitude is harming innocent American citizens. The United States has about 3.5 million national security forces. Of these, 17,000 soldiers have been deployed on the streets for security. These troops are deployed in 24 states of the Union. 

This will force the governors to take action to stop the agitation. Because it is needed to save the American community. “If the governor does not deploy security forces, we will have to call in troops,” she said

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