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Thursday, November 9, 2023

PSL will not survive for long: Rameez Raja believes

Former Pakistan captain and Commentator Rameez Raja is restless and says that boards cannot pay long term without earning because Cricket has stopped all over the world in Lockdown. He requested the Pakistani Cricket Board to find some solution and talk to the other Cricket Board.

Coronavirus outbreak is profoundly impacting the sports world. Australian Cricket has decided to remove 80% of its staff.

The coronavirus episode has constrained nations to go under Lockdown to contain the ailment, which has so far tainted over 2.5 million individuals internationally.

This fast-spreading disease has stopped cricket activity all over the world. The 13th season of the Indian Premier League has been suspended, and the T20 World Cup is under threat.

The PCB can take the first step in initiating this conversation. Any cricket board, no matter how rich, cannot keep paying salaries in a perpetual lockdown situation. We need dialogue and planning to start Cricket again,” he said.

Rameez said on his YouTube channel, ‘Cricket fans are tired now, and the Coronavirus global epidemic has stopped the whole world, but I do not think the board can face these conditions for a long time. They cannot continue to make salary and other expenses without Cricket. ‘

Unless a vaccine can be created, we can only defeat it through social distancing and precautionary measures,” Rameez said.

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