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Why Azam Khan is trending with hashtag #ReleaseAzamsFamily “आजम खान” on Twitter

आजम खान”: Azam Khan is a Indian politician from Rampur UP and one of the founding member of  Samajwadi Party. And very famous among the Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh. In January 2019, a case of forgery filed against the Azam Khan and his wife for making fake birth certificate for their son Abdullah in the local police station. After case proceed in the court and on 26 February 2020 he sent to jail for did that illegal birth certificate along with his wife and son.

Some days ago his relatives visited him and his family in the Jail and when relatives came back outside many ask them what did they said, then relatives replied that “Azam Khan is inside the jail because he is a muslim”.

That’s it after that everyone from Muslim community is asking for the release his family with hashtag #ReleaseAzamsFamily. One of them @abuhammadazmi is saying that: “आज़म ख़ान एक ईमानदार नेता, ग़रीबों का मसीहा, हक़ के साथ खड़ा रहने वाला, ज़ुल्म और अन्याय के ख़िलाफ़ आवाज़ उठाने वाला। जल्द से जल्द रिहा किया जाए। #ReleaseAzamsFamily“.

And many ones are saying that he’s a corrupt politician in UttarPradesh that’s why his own party is not with him. And sharing these tweets :

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