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Water Catastrophe In India And How To Restate?

Population in India is around 136 Crores, but how many people taking fresh water in India?. Every day we read water deadlocks at different different states or cities. Less than 50 Percent  of public has approach to drinking safe water. Water resources in India surface, ground water storage and hydropower potential. Still India faces water issues. What is the reason behind.?

Instances for water Issues in India

Last year I have read about Delhi Jal Board was in dilemma in festive season.

Recently I got to know Naneli residents outcry for water disaster in Valpoi. They are facing water shortfall from last a year. Locals endangered arrange a big protest and give ultimatum for Eight days, to government. Before they also did these kind of march but government did not take any action.

Pune’s people were also struggle for water problems from last many years. Mumbai is also cutting 15 % of water from some cities and village. In India there are several areas which are facing water problems.

Now the question is why we are covering these issues.

  • In many areas lots of flood and drought conditions in some states.
  • Groundwater is also decreasing. This is because of unplanning use of water.
  • Some are use water more than requirement and others have not even for drinking.
  • Next reason is corrupted government. More industries less trees is also a big reason for water shortage.  
  • We are also a reason of it, because population in India is too much and less resources.
  • Other reason is climate change; due to more heat water is drying from earth.
  • We are build industries on everywhere to cut the trees, these industries spread pollution and increase risk of drinking water.
  • We are waste lots of water, for example during bath we take high flow shower.
  • In agriculture we also use water in wrong way and waste it.

There are some practices to save water for our future generations:

Method1: How to save water at home:

  • Take low flow shower head and reuse grey water for plants or for some other purposes.
  • Do not open tap during brushing or shaving.
  • In kitchen wash utensils or containers in bucket and wash vegetables or fruits with less water but in proper method.
  • Collect rain water in a wide tank and then you can use this water for plants in your garden or you can filter it for house hold purpose.
  • Use Mulching technique in your garden.
  • Cover your swimming pools from evoration

Method2: How to save water outside at home

  • In agriculture
  •  Planting crops which are taking less water and in field use water with small head shower which will provide sufficient water to plants.
  • In Industries
  • Spread alertness towards your employees for water.
  • Daily check your water leaking or other waste for water.
  • Use less consumption water equipment.

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