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Friday, September 30, 2022

#BanTikTokInIndia: Ban TikTok in India is Trending on Social Media

#BanTikTokInIndia: Now a days some incidents are going on connected to China. Very first reason is everyone knows is “Covid-19” because of it whole world is suffering and China is running it’s country like nothing happened. And whole world is avoiding China and china prodects. Tiktok is a #china app and some odd and wrong messages are spreading on tiktok like promoting vulgarity , Crime & Animal Cruelty.

Now whole world is only using their own country products and their own technologies. Indians are also trying to follow the same. Because of the wrong messages India is saying #Bantiktokinindia.

One another reason is now a days youtube vs tiktok is going on in India. Because of the #carryminatiroast video on Youtube for tiktokers. And everyone is supporting youtubers not tiktokers.

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