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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Azaan: Javed Akhtar Said “Loud Speak was HARAAM Then it Became HaLAAL”

Around 8:24 PM on May 9, 2020 #Javedakhtar publish a tweet about the Azaan and Loudspeakers. After that Muslims are making him villain of their community by roasting him on Twitter. After some incidents like Unscheduled Azaan in Bhuj And Javed Akhtar tweet some hashtag are trending that is #Azaan #azaanbandnihogi.

But many tweets are sharing their views in Javed akhtar support by sharing his post and liking it. Javed Akhtar said “In India for almost 50 yrs Azaan on the loud speak was HARAAM Then it became HaLAAL n so halaal that there is no end to it but there should be an end to it Azaan is fine but loud speaker does cause of discomfort for others I hope that atleast this time they will do it themselves“.

In against him many tweets are seeing on twitter like :

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