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Diet tips to maintain a healthy weight of your child in childhood

Overweight in childhood is a serious medical problem. If an extra pound of weight in your children, it starts with health issues. And when your children grow and consider as an adult, it starts disease like blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

Childhood overweight is a genuine problem that needs instantaneous attention. As per the WHO, childhood obesity is the novel confront in the 21st century. It is affecting every country in the world. In just 40-50 years, the number of childhood obesity problems has been increased from 11 million to 124 million, according to the estimation of 2016. 

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If we will not control it, it will affect to child’s mental, physical, and social well-being. We can choose many steps to prevent overweight of our child and this will also help to keep many diseases away from our child. 

Parents should pay attention to the child’s diet, daily activities, diet, and sleeping habits. And in childhood parents are like a safeguard for their children. So parents should take care of it.

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The Diet of the children plays an important role to stop obesity in childhood. So today we will share some tips that you must not miss or your child’s diet.

Diet Tips:

21 Healthy Weight Gaining Foods For Kids
  • Family plays an important role or a child, so make sure that there is maintaining diet habits in your family. Do not eat junk food every time, because if you will eat junk food, your children will also ask for it. And if every time they will eat junk food then it will increase the chances of disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. 

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  • Children most of the time prefer junk food instead of healthy food, and junk food like chips, chocolate, burger and pizza  includes excessive oils, fats and calories. And from the childhood, they suffer from gas and acid problems. So avoid to eat junk food and eat healthy food or homemade food.
  • Swap junk food or high calories food with healthy food like fruits, salads, nuts and yogurts etc. It will help to increase metabolism and build a good health of your child.
  • Learn to your children that eat everything place in plate. Your children should eat healthy diet and eat every diet on time.
  • Do not dislike food in front of your children, if you will not eat food properly, this will also effects to your children. And this will affect the health of your children.
  • Do not let them eat more than hunger. Sometimes our mother try to eat food to us without hunger, this can also be harmful. If your food is healthy and tasty, does not mean overeat it.

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  • Avoid to eat in front of television or phone screen. Most of the child eat during watching cartoon and movies and they do not eat properly. So stop your child to eat food like this.
  • Learn them physical activities at least one time a day, it will digest food and increase stamina. 

So eat healthy maintain your child’s health and decrease the disease rate in children.

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