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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Controversy King Ajaz Khan gets arrested for Hitting Mumbai Police

Actor and Controversy King Ajaz Khan get arrested this Saturday for offensive posting on Social media to tag Mumbai police. On the other side, the Mumbai Police filed a complaint against him and issued summon. Check out on Live Heed

#अरेस्ट_एजाज_खान (Arrest Ajaz Khan) was trending on Twitter on the top position with more than 164k tweets 

 Now with another trending hashtag came out on Twitter in support Ajaz Khan #ReleaseAjazKhan

“He has been charged under section 153A and others of the IPC for promoting enmity among communities. Further probe is underway,” he added.

Under section 153A and more  Under IPC Promoting content against the community.

Another action also is undertaken by Khar Mumbai Police

Khan was arrested in July last year for posting objectionable videos that could allegedly have caused enmity among communities, police had said at the time.

In October 2018, he was held for allegedly possessing banned drugs, police said.

Bigg Boss ex-contestant Ajaz Khan was also arrested lastly in July 2019, for posting offensive videos on social media and that time also Police took action against him.

Also, he got banned for drug consumption offense  in October 2018

But being as “BJP and broker media want to spread Muslim society to spread the coronavirus. But men like Ejaz Khan are standing in the way. Our photos of helping people turn the water on their agenda” said Ejaz.

let’s take a look with Live Heed towards tweets favor in Ajaz Khan

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