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Why Bachchan Family is trolling on Social Media with hashtags #JayaBachchanShamlessLady #JayaBachchan?

Yesterday, Samajwadi Party MP “Jaya Bachchan” comes forward in Rajya Sabha and shared her views on Bollywood recent events like she slams on Ravi Kishan about his comments on bollywood’s drugs use. Later on she discussed about, why bollywood is so important for the country and suggest to apply ZERO HOUR policy who try to take down the film industry reputation.

A day before ago Actor and Politician Ravi Kishan also shared his views for drugs in and out ways in bollywood.

Now social media is trolling Jaya Bachchan because social media things Jaya is taking support drugs in Bollywood and she did’t say a word on Sushant Singh Rajput death because he was also a part of the film industry.

That’s why #JayaBachchanShamlessLady is trending on twitter and Facebook, here we’ll show you some tweets against Jaya Bachchan and her family.

बन्ना विनय प्रताप सिंह shared

@Aanu shared and asked some questions to Jaya Bachchan “My reply to #JayaBachchan please let us know what are you giving back to the society since you hv been a MP. The salary you get pm is approx more than 1lakh, since 16 yrs you are MP. Apart from the filth, what’s your contribution justifying the salary you draw from our money ?

@azad_nishant shared his views

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