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Which DPS Is Best In Gurgaon?

Delhi Public School is a brand name which has its own appeal in the world of education. Abbreviated as DPS, the name enjoys a special place in the minds of the parents looking for an excellent education for their children. Indeed, the DPS community is quite large and is growing in number at a fast pace. But, for parents with choices of two or more DPS schools in the same city, there is bound to be a comparison and confusion.

A case in point is the millennium city of Gurgaon that has several schools carrying the brand name ‘DPS’ – the 3 more well-known being Delhi Public School, Sector 102A & 103, Dwarka Expressway; Delhi Public School Sushant Lok; and Delhi Public School, Sector 45. And, if we talk about “Which DPS Is Best In Gurgaon?”, Delhi Public School, Sector 102A & 103, Dwarka Expressway easily scores high as the best among them for a variety of reasons!

Delhi Public School, Sector 102A & 103 is located in the very heart of Gurgaon (renamed, Gurugram) on Dwarka Expressway and is under the active control and support of the DPS Society, New Delhi.

It is easily the most trusted name in the field of quality education in India and is also recognised throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. The School provides a range of opportunities for the holistic and all-round development of the child along with promoting critical thinking among them.

Pitched as ‘A New Age School’ with a vibrant techno savvy learning ambience, DPS-Sector 102A & 103 flaunts an ultra-modern campus that caters to the needs of new generation learners.

The other key highlights include beautifully designed classrooms, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a child-friendly atmosphere which provides a safe and stimulating environment to the young learners. To put it a little more poetically, “the bricks and mortar it is built with, binds the unifying spirit and the palpable energy that one can feel on entering the portals of this top institution!”

The institution has two main campuses, namely Primary & Middle school and High school campus. This helps in a big way, the individual growth of children with respect to their age. Carrying a rich legacy of imparting value education globally, this institution is among the leading institutions in Gurgaon.

Which DPS Is Best In Gurgaon?

DPS-Sector 102A & 103 depicts the transformation of modern education globally. Propelled by latest research, the school employs innovative teaching methodology with special emphasis on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities and communication skills. What’s more, human values form an intrinsic part of the school’s curriculum.

Thus it is that the school strives towards building a positive attitude in its students and, with its rich and varied heritage, encourages them to value traditions, learn to do the right things and exhibit socially responsible behaviour. And this is powerfully represented in the school’s logo that reads, “Service before Self”.

In this way and many more, DPS-Sector 102A & 103 endeavours to transform young minds into future leaders who are ready to take their place under the sun!

So, these are reasons galore why Delhi Public School (DPS), Sector 102A & 103 presents itself as the right answer to the question, “Which DPS Is Best In Gurgaon?”.

To know more about DPS-Sector 102A & 103 and their admission processes (which is currently on for the new batch of 2022), you may browse through their website https://www.dpsgurgaon.in/ or/and even plan a personal visit to their ideally located vibrant techno savvy campus right in the very heart of Gurgaon.

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