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Universal Students & Challenges in COVID-19 and how their life is impacted – LiveHeed Survey

Worldwide students are those who go to other countries for studies. Different countries have different study specialties such as the United Kingdom for MBA and Law, USA for Accounting, Medicine etc. Students go there to enhance their knowledge.

Students crack international language tests and apply for further studies. Students come under different categories: rich, middle class and some are below middle class families. Apart from rich families, students take economic aid like loans or scholarships for courses.

Top universities of the world are University of Hong Kong, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London and many more. Students achieve degrees and serve their countries as an expert. But students face problems during admission like:

  • Some brilliant students cannot pay huge amounts of money. So they have to take a mortgage with high interest.
  • Separation from family for a long time, they cannot bring their families. And they feel outsider in other countries.
  • Language hurdles in another country.

So the thing is after paying huge amounts of money and crossing all these barriers, students get seats abroad.

In 2020, Covid-19 impacted everyone’s life badly, especially for students. Before students came to their native land to meet their families and stuck there for a long time and countries were not reopening borders. Still they are taking online classes. But there are some drawbacks of online classes:

  • Students cannot focus on screen for a long time.
  • They only do theories but in international universities, they focus more on practical.
  • Internet connectivity is also a big issue.
  • In international universities, students do part time work also, but these days they have nothing to do.

Some Universal students whose life is impacted in Covid-19:

  • Sai Saini went to the USA for a course of Cyber Security and came home for his father’s health issues and two months later, when he was ready to return to the University of Toledo, his visa application was denied and he said: “Everything changed For Students”.
  • In April 2020, six IIT students from Bombay, Madras, Delhi and Roorkee went to Sweden for their project and stuck over there. They had no money for their basic needs for survival. For More Info.

There are several cases of worldwide students who have to face troubles during lockdown, and their life has been totally distorted. Student takes courses to fulfill his ambitions and wants to make proud their parents, but Covid-19 deeply impacted on their life as well on their family.

What should the government do for International Students?

Students are an essential part of any country so the government should provide enough help.

Governments of some countries do not want students back to their country and resume study after Covid-19, because they cannot support them financially and due to secure their residents from Covid-19. But this is wrong, because students pay tax and work for them while studying.

If students are in their countries and they have lost jobs, the government should provide funds or stipends.

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