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Top 10 Best Cambridge Schools In Wakad Pune.

With time the education framework has also changed a lot as the world is connected now, and now we think in global terms. Cambridge curriculum is recognized as the best education system as kits curriculum strikes the perfect balance between local culture and international imprinting. The IGCSE curriculum is a gateway to pursuing your career goals and passion as its unique curriculum is designed to transform the students into a gem.

Top 10 Cambridge schools in Wakad Pune

There are many best Cambridge Schools in Wakad; below, we have listed the top 10 names for you:

Crimson Anisha Global School

CAGS is among the best primary schools in Wakad in which the Cambridge primary program is built around what matters to students as they take initial steps in education. The school offers broad choices compromising English, maths, and science and many options to develop creativity, expression, and personal well-being. The Cambridge school curriculum offers a strong foundation for students in the primary stage and helps them to stand apart from all others.

Rahul International School

It is among the best Cambridge Schools in wakad established with a mission to encourage every student to become the best version of themselves. The school is well known for offering quality education. It focuses on the holistic development of children through advanced teaching modules and skill-based learning. The school has a world-class infrastructure to facilitate new-age learning.

Edify international school

The school is among the best primary schools in Wakad that empowers its students with constant guidance, monitoring, training, and mentoring. This school is famous for offering high-quality and balanced education to allow students to attain excellence in physical, emotional, academic, and social areas. The school offers an entire curriculum that supports students in developing critical thinking and being compassionate.

Akshara International School

It is among the top Cambridge schools that are known to transform students’ lives by producing leaders and highly talented learners with incomparable leadership abilities. The school focuses on students’ holistic development and includes world-class educational infrastructure.

Ryan international school

The school is counted among the best Cambridge Schools in wakad Pune that has been actively transforming students’ lives by offering a world-class curriculum. The school ensures students’ overall development and growth through teaching methods and culture and by offering various sports and academic activities.

Mahindra International School

It is among the best primary schools in Wakad, committed to rigorous, enjoyable, and relevant learning. The school’s curriculum is developed to assist students in becoming efficient learners and make them work hard. The curriculum gives students a sense of belonging and acceptance for their qualities.

SNBP international school

The school is one of the top Cambridge Schools in wakad that helps students to build a strong foundation in academics and extracurricular activities. The school conducts many activities like yoga sessions, sorts’ day, school exhibitions, dancing activities, etc., for students.

Podar international school

The school is among the best Cambridge schools in Wakad, ensuring quality education. The school aims to enhance and develop the student’s capabilities. The school’s faculty believe in the child’s holistic development and thus follows methodologies ensuring strong social, emotional, moral, and physical development.

International School Aamby

The school is among the best primary schools in wakad and well known for offering high-quality learning. It’s a co-educational school offering weekly and full boarding for both boys and girls, and the school programs emphasize the child’s personal, emotional and intellectual growth. The school opens its door and accepts applications to enroll throughout the year.

Daffodil International School

The school is among the best Cambridge Schools in Wakad, with a wide range of internationally recognized qualifications. The school imparts education to help academic growth and prepare them for the challenges put forward by life.

Primary schools in Wakad like Crimson Anisha Global School help students to develop self-confidence and feel recognized in the competitive world. The board makes it easy for the students to have a successful future ahead as it lays the foundation and builds pillars of knowledge needed to achieve career goals.

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