The Essence of Strong Self-Esteem in Children

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These days, raising a child is difficult. Their success as parents appears more elusive to us than it did to their parents and grandparents, in addition to all the other age-old difficulties associated with raising children. The pandemic made matters worse by preventing pupils from attending normal classes.

Parents today deal with a lot more problems than only those related to college admissions, Cbse Class 11 Admission. When parents were asked to identify their top three long-term economic and social concerns in 2019, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that 60% of them were concerned that their kids wouldn’t enjoy the same degree of comfort and status as they do. Kids will need to earn significantly more money than their parents did in order to maintain the same quality of life, which is one reason for this.

According to research, when parents exaggerate their children’s accomplishments, their kids begin to believe that success determines who they are and how valuable they are. And sometimes, their disappointment and anger over their failures is so palpable that they feel like the parents love for them is contingent upon their success —reinforcing the idea that their value, and lovability, is defined by what they do, not who they are.

This is where the school steps in to help build a strong sense of self in each child. Teachers and parents have important responsibilities to play in helping students develop good attitudes and confidence by preparing them for success and giving them frequent positive feedback. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that it impacts almost every part of their lives, children need to have high self-esteem. In addition to enhancing academic success, high self-esteem also increases social skills and the capacity to build enduring connections.

The MRG School, is a leading Best CBSE school in Rohini Delhi that understands these delicate nuances and lays special focus on relationships with peers and teachers. The pedagogies are based on the knowledge that kids with strong self-esteem are more likely to finish difficult activities and make their own objectives, as well as being better able to handle mistakes, disappointment, and failure. Self-esteem is a necessary that can be easily improved by teachers and parents, but it can also be quickly harmed.

MRG School has emerged as an institution of truly holistic education amongst schools in sector 3 Rohini, where teacher deliver feedback to children being fully aware of its primary role in developing their self-esteem, especially when that feedback comes from their mentors. Feedback that is unhelpful or excessively critical can be very damaging to pupils and lower their self-esteem.

Feedback that is constructive and positive can have the opposite impact. Children’s perceptions of their value are influenced by what they are told about themselves and their capabilities. Students are shown by example what it means to accept responsibility for their mistakes and recognise their talents. They understand that positive qualities, not negative ones, should define one’s self-worth. Focusing on the positive does not exclude them from ever providing negative criticism; it simply means that they should deliver positive criticism less frequently and praise more frequently.

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