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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Alcohol In Delhi: Now Get Liquor in Delhi With E-Token Pass – Says Delhi Govt

Liquor News in Delhi: Delhi Govt find out a solution for high volume rush in front of the Liquor shops in Delhi. Delhi Govt said that now you’ll get a token for the alcohol queue. From this step customers will be given a specific time slot for purchasing alcohol. This step will help to avoid long queue and time of liquor buyers.

In this process only fifty person are allowed to be in front of liquor shops in a hour. After launching an e-token system Delhi government is hoping that it’ll be great idea to keep away rush and can make some contribution in economy.

Daru Ke Theke(liquor Shops): Now as per the rules alcohol will be distribute as per the token that will be available at etoken Delhi Govt website. Looking for how to get e pass from etoken website. But see the exitement of buying alcohol.

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