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When is the best time to buy a Christmas Tree this year?

Are you the type who delays the process of buying a Christmas Tree to the last minute?Well, it would be a cash burn out if you plan to do it this year. Due to pandemic supply chain interruptions, getting a tree is a bit challenging. Whether you prefer an artificial one or a real one, here’s a guide to help you ensure your first game is strong this year. 

When to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

According to experts, the time to buy an artificial tree this year is now! There’s been an increased demand for consumer goods, raw materials and higher shipping cost means that there will be fewer artificial trees available for purchase. Also, those that are available will come with a higher price tag. A rise of 15% in price is expected due to the increased costs. 

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Process of Buying a Christmas Tree
Process of Buying a Christmas Tree

When to buy a live Christmas tree this year?

A PS5 is not the only thing you should be eyeing this Black Friday. It is also the correct time to shop for a live tree.When well cared, a live Christmas tree can last four to give weeks. 

Is there a live Christmas tree shortage? 

Well it’s not as dramatic as buying an artificial Christmas tree since most of them are grown here in the IS. However, Oregon’s Christmas tree production has dropped 24% since 2015 due to global warming due to which they’ve doubled their prices to make up for the losses. 

How to pick a fresh Christmas tree (and keep it alive)?

If you’re picking out a live Christmas tree a month before, you need to ensure that it’s healthy so that it can survive through the holidays. Some of the suggestions are:  
  • Pick out a tree with soft, pliable outer branches
  • The tree must have even colour across branches and needles 
  • The tree must be fresh and fragrant
  • The bark must be smooth and not wrinkled
How to pick a fresh Christmas tree (and keep it alive)?
How to pick a fresh Christmas tree (and keep it alive)?

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Pro Tip: Prior to transporting it home, have the farm make a fresh ½ inch cut to the base and water it immediately. Also, once home, be sure to water it daily and move it away from direct sunlight as heat sources can dry it out.

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