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The Best inverters for home and the Trusted UPS Prices

Electricity power cuts are a major concern for any household where maximum appliances, be it for the kitchen or the bedroom run on electricity. Though in numerous cities in India, power cuts are becoming marginal, the menace can be bothering often. Under such circumstances, the need for inverters increases by manifolds.

A good inverter emerges as a saviour during such a time when the electricity flees. The inverter will draw charge from the electricity while the connection is live and during power cuts, it uses the stored power to help you spend the time efficiently.

Here comes the importance of knowing the intricate details about inverters and their batteries. They differ from one brand to another and rank above each other depending on their reliability, durability and power delivery. Thus, the question regarding the best inverters for home and the UPS battery price arises.

Let’s delve deep into these sectors for your purchasing benefit;

Best UPS Battery Prices

  • Amaron UPS battery

The Amaron UPS battery is one of the best in the business that comes with VRLA battery type with a capacity of 12V or 200AH. The maximum weight of the battery when filled with water will be 62kgs. A 2-year warranty comes as a sigh of relief for interested customers. This particular battery comes for Rs. 19,999.

  • Zen UPS battery

Another reliable UPS battery is the Zen UPS battery which contains a dry-charged battery and is compatible with AC as well as DC inverters. There are primarily two capacity variants in the ZEN UPS battery;

  • 100 to 150 Ah, < 80Ah
  • >150 Ah, 80 to 100 Ah.

The warranty period of these batteries’ pendulum is between 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. Zen Inverters come at a nominal price of Rs. 2500.

  • Exide Tubular battery

Exide is one of the most popular names in the battery industry that has been serving millions of people with its reliable and durable high-power batteries. Among the different variants available under Exide, the Tubular battery with a 160AH capacity rules the market. This particular UPS battery is rampant in the telecom industry and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

The price of the Tubular battery stands at  Rs. 16,800.

  • LC-P12120 Panasonic UPS battery

Another reliable company in the field of electronics is Panasonic. Over the numerous options, the LC-P12120 UPS battery provided by Panasonic has a capacity of 120 Ah with a voltage of 12V. The UPS weighs around 35kgs and comes with a warranty of 2 years. The UPS battery costs around Rs.28,250.

  • Excel UPS battery

Another reliable inverter battery brand that made rounds in society is Excel. The Excel UPS battery comes with a voltage of 12 volts with a capacity of 12ah. The battery weighs a minimum of 3.4kgs with the water filled inside. The battery costs the cheapest at Rs.1000.

  • Okaya UPS battery

The brand Okaya is one of the most trusted brands in the inverter industry. The UPS battery has a capacity that ranges from 7AH to 200AH. With a voltage of 12V, the inverter provides a warranty of 2 years. Though the company is Chinese, the inverters get manufactured in India and weigh 30kgs. The price of the inverter stands at Rs. 2800.

  • APC UPS battery

APC brings you one premium UPS battery option that uses Sine wave for its functioning. With a single output, the battery functions at a frequency between 50 and 60Hz. The battery is known for its ability to avert short circuit situations and uses sealed lead acid in its manufacturing. The maintenance-free nature of the APS UPS battery makes it an easier choice for houses. The battery comes at a price of Rs.5000

  • Relicell UPS battery

The supported battery offered by Relicell comes with power between 600VA and 10KVA and a normal voltage of 12V. in addition, the UPS battery offers a backup of four hours. A charging current of 30amps is necessary to get the battery on its toes for unwanted electricity cuts. The temperature of the battery ranges between 10 to 50 degree Celsius. Talking about price, you can get the battery for Rs.6000.

The Best Inverters for Homes to Choose

Above were a few options about the best UPS batteries and their associated prices that one can consider. Now that we have an idea about the batteries, it becomes necessary to have a look at the best inverters for home. Let us have a look at the options that can facilitate your decision-making;

  • Microtek Hybrid Inverter

Who does not know about Microtek as a reliable brand for inverters over the years? 

When it comes to both professional and home uses, the Microtek is best inverter for home Hybrid inverter appears to be a menacing contender. Sporting a durable design, the sine wave inverter facilitates sufficient electricity load in support. 

The hybrid technology ensures that no inverter noise bothers your home stay along with long-standing battery life. The best part about the inverter is its easy installation followed by hassle-free use. The high efficiency followed by strong durability makes it a trusted option for your household.

  • Luminous Zelio Sine Wave Inverter

Among the most popular options available among inverters, the Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Sine Wave Inverter appears to be a great option. The inverter sports an LCD that allows you to keep a check on the vitals of the inverter like the battery charge status, the charging time and the power backup remaining during power cut situations. 

The inverter sports pure sine wave and can support three tube lights, three CFL lights, one TV, three fans and an air cooler at the same time. For a house with two to three rooms, the inverter will be a perfect choice.

The additional features of deep discharge protection, overload, short circuit protection and many more make reliable support during dire situations.

  • ZunSolar 1050 VA Pure Sine Wave Home Inverter

With an ability to manage 1000 watts, the autonomous charging algorithm in the inverter allows better battery preservation and increased battery life. 

The features offered by the inverter include auto reset, overload, smart protection, and short circuit protection.

The low-voltage charging ability facilitates lower power consumption. Not to forget its ability to derive power through solar panels that can reduce electricity consumption by miles!

  • V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 with Bluetooth Connectivity Digital Sinewave UPS

The V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 is a new one in the market that flaunts Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, this inverter makes a jump from some normal inverter into a smart one that you can control from a distance. 

The procedure to control it is through the V-Guard smart app from where you can check its condition, monitor its functioning and make any necessary mode changes. 

Apart from the Bluetooth feature, it flaunts others like vacation mode, battery topping reminder, emergency charging mode and many more. The associated feature of customizable battery output along with turbocharging truly makes it a smart one.

  • Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter 

Another option in the list comes as the Luminous Zolt 1100V Inverter. with a 756-watt capacity, the inverter comes with a flurry of features like the predecessors. Noiseless operating ability, LCD screen for clear view and analysis, battery charge reminder, safety alarm, etc, are some to look out for.

In addition, comes a unique introduction of a processor that monitors the power backup and optimizes it depending on the analysis of load supply and usage. 

The presence of an MCB ensures that the inverter stays safe against any possible power surge or electricity fluctuations. Provided you wish to have a reliable inverter at an affordable price, the Luminous Zolt 1100V is a good option.

  • Luminous HKVA 2KVA Sine Cruze Wave Inverter

Do you have a large house that requires a battery backup or electricity support during cuts? Well, the Luminous HKVA 2KVA Sine Cruze Wave Inverter is one among the fold.

The makers claim it to be a heavy-duty inverter that can aid the running of air conditioners, geysers, microwaves, refrigerators, etc. The professional spaces can use it for their photocopy machine or dental chairs in a dentist’s chamber. 

The display feature helps monitor the battery percentage, the mains availability, the charging status, etc. The 1600-watt support from the inverter justifies the claims made above, while the adaptive battery charging control facilitates rapid charging.

Final Thoughts

Having an inverter at your home is of primary importance in today’s time. Considering the purchase of an inverter you must never settle for anything less. Good inverters are available at Rs.15000 and can be a good investment. 

When you invest in a reliable brand with a good-performing inverter, you can stay worry-free concerning the electricity support you would get during unwanted situations. Now, you and your family can continue having a comfortable time without any worries.

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