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Friday, September 22, 2023

Sowing the seeds of the future with integrated communications approach

A new year brings with it newer opportunities and challenges. Just like the year 2020, the year 2023 also started with uncertainty. Is covid going to be back in another form? Are we going to get hit with an economic recession? What’s going to be the future of the workplace? 

These questions are not only there in the minds of individuals but even business owners are now trying to navigate through these uncertain times. Business retention and growth strategy take prominence. As a proven strategy communication has always come as a ‘friend in need’ to help business owners re-connect with their audience and drive the business objectives effectively. Given the changing content consumption pattern of the audience, businesses now realize just how important integrated communications for startups can be. This includes exploring media stories through traditional newspapers as well as, approaching the audience through the challenge they use the most- social media. 

The client partners are now looking to partner with those agencies that can guide them to reach their audience across communication channels. This means clear and consistent messaging across the platform and hence highlights the significant need for a PR agency for startups to approach clients with an integrated communication offering spanning owned, earned, and paid media. 

Businesses prefer giving the communication mandate/responsibility to one agency so that they can reduce the workload around coordination. Therefore, agencies across the countries are now including digital communication services in their bouquet of offerings to attract clients. 

At GenesisBCW, we have 30 years of experience in creating a smooth consistent channel of communication through integrated offerings and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders through multiple touchpoints. Given the legacy, we have partnered with many startups, soonicorns, and unicorns on their journey by providing end-to-end services, from traditional PR strategy to digital strategy, to influencer outreach, and building and managing communities on social media.

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