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Go for the best Blood Pressure Monitor Device & Finger Pulse Oximeter; buy from Microtek!

The adage “Health is Wealth” is a timeless and priceless piece of truth and its value can never be underestimated. That being so, the concept of “Health Care” assumes a paramount importance for all and sundry. And the one name that stands out in this arena of Health Care in India as the most trusted and preferred brand is Microtek that offers a range of Health Care products – apart from several other products related to Power Backup solutions, Solar Energy, Voltage Solutions, Wires & Cables, Circuit Protection Devices (MCB, DBs), E-Vehicle Chargers, and Surge & Lightning Protectors – which includes the Cheapest Infrared & Digital Thermometer, Blood Pressure Monitor Device,  Finger Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen Concentrator, and NEBULIZER. In this article today, we shall take a quick look at two of its popular Health Care products, namely Microtek’s Blood Pressure Monitor Device and Finger Pulse Oximeter.

Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor device is extremely important for multiple reasons – be it for keeping an eye on general wellness or for everyday checking purposes. This device can provide you reports on your everyday health and check if you are dealing with improper health conditions. Furthermore, it can check your blood pressure and provide you timely updates about whether it is in control or not.

Although it is required for every person, it is advised that people affected or dealing with blood  pressure disorders must purchase this device for continuous monitoring. Since it records the measurements, the patient will be immediately informed if the blood pressure fluctuates and can take the medications prescribed by the doctor to keep health problems in check. Besides, proper treatment at the right time can keep many illnesses away, so a patient can use this device to get notified timely about their pressure fluctuations. In this way, they can keep themselves away from severe conditions such as arrhythmias, angina, heart failure, stroke, heart attack and even death.

Microtek’s Blood Pressure Monitor Device is an automatic upper arm device that makes use of an oscillometric method to compute the arterial blood pressure and pulse rate. The device’s arm cuff is wrapped around the arm and it gets automatically inflated by an air pump. The sensor of this Microtek device can track even the weak fluctuation of the pressure in the arm cuff that is produced by extension and contraction of the artery of the arm in response to each heartbeat. The amplitude of the pressure waves so detected is measured and displayed by means of a digital value. This device from Microtek is quite easy-to-use and its accuracy will facilitate your daily blood pressure regimen most perfectly.

Finger Pulse Oximeter

There was a time not long ago when, in case of any concern about your body oxygen level, you had no option but to rush to your doctor’s office for that check-up. But today, thanks to technological innovations, you can now check your blood oxygen levels quickly and safely at your home itself to ensure that oxygen is reaching all parts of your body. This has been made possible by a medical device called Finger Pulse Oximeter.

In the current times,  one can find a finger pulse oximeter in practically every home. Since an increasing number of individuals worldwide are choosing to do their self-health assessment tests at home, the  demand for finger pulse oximeters is gaining big momentum in almost every part of the world.

Here again, among the many medical equipment manufacturers, Microtek’s Finger Pulse Oximeter stands out as a proven product. This small device is a fast and accurate way to check Pulse Rate (PRbpm), Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels (SpO2%), and Perfusion Index (PI%). The comfortable silicon padded finger clamp with simple one-button design makes it possible to operate its function with ease. The small portable size of this device makes it convenient to use and carry it. The device can be safely used at home for effective and accurate pulse monitoring, as was especially demonstrated during the critical phase of COVID-19 pandemic where pulse monitoring and oxygen level of the patient had to be monitored regularly.

So, that’s a brief introduction about two of the important Health Care products from Microtek – viz., Microtek Blood Pressure Monitor Device and Microtek Finger Pulse Oximeter. To know more about them (and also the other varied products by Microtek), you may log on to the organization’s official website: https://www.microtekdirect.com/.

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